How can my law firm help you today?

How we work for you


You get in Touch

Contact us through the contact form or by phone and we will deal with the enquiry you have promptly.

Initial Discussion

On an obligation and cost free basis we assess your enquiry and provide direction for the next steps for you.

Our Proposal

If we are able to assist you then we will submit a scope of services retainer agreement for your review and consideration.

Follow Up

You can either follow up with us with any further queries you have or we will do the same, either way we are at your service.

Engaging Us

If our proposal is acceptable to you than you sign the agreement and deposit funds into our Trust Account and your matter will be acted on by the my law firm team.

The Outcome

As your matter progresses we will keep you informed until we reach the end of it, and then close it with as much satisfaction as we can provide to you under the circumstances of your particular matter.

Our Services

We are committed to exceptional service delivery at my law firm, ensuring we provide the best advice and results across our areas of expertise.

Commercial and Business Law

Ensuring you have the right agreements and structures in place in your business. Services include:
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Joint Venture agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • All general business advice

Wills and Estate Planning

Protect your family and legacy with a well planned will
  • Single and Couple’s Wills
  • Updating existing wills
  • Enduring POA’s and Guardianships
  • Testamentary Trust Wills

Family Law

We have a dedicated, caring team with years of experience to assist in providing services and advice include:

Who is behind my law firm?

Maurice Oteri

Maurice Oteri established my law firm in 2013 on a simple philosophy; offer legal services in a simple and affordable way for everyone to access.

What does that mean exactly?

First of all you should have no hesitation contacting my law firm on any issue or service request you may have, we are completely friendly and approachable, and above everything else – here to help you.

Secondly, the time charge clock does not start ticking until we have had the opportunity to scope out your requirements, and wherever possible more often than not, offer a fixed fee for that service. You should never be surprised (other than pleasantly) about any bill you get from my law firm.

Finally, your satisfaction is paramount to our success and yours, we speak (and write) to you in the same language, no fancy legal jargon to justify our less than market rate fees, communication of the end result that you will be more than happy with is our goal.

Maurice comes from an Italian background where there is the saying ‘Casa mia… Casa tua’ meaning my home is your home, a statement of unconditional trust and hospitality, that is why my law firm is your law firm, make yourself at home, we are here for you.

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